About this blog

Welcome to Everyday Namaste! In India and other South Asian locales, “namaste” is an everyday greeting, sometimes said orally, other times acknowledged physically with prayer hands and a bow. At its simplest, namaste means “hello.” At its most profound, namaste is a greeting that acknowledges the divine wonderfulness in every living thing. Through Everyday Namaste, I aim to share my efforts in bringing a little more namaste into everyday life.

Like you, I’m on a journey toward my best self (or at least I like to think I am!). For me, that means treating my mind and body in ways that allow for spiritual growth and physical wellbeing. Yoga, meditation, and a diet of whole foods (with the more-than-occasional serving of French fries thrown in there) are helping me feel this growth and wellbeing.

This blog is not series of how-to’s from an expert. It’s more like a curated string of dispatches from a fellow traveler. You’ll find posts on yoga, food, and other topics that, hopefully, will lead us both toward our best selves. I’m looking forward to journeying with you!



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